Old Fishing Store Signing Leicester Square

I didn’t intend going to the London signing event but I ended up working down the road so popped in on my way home. They also had the Saturn V back on the shelves so the credit card took a hit!


31053 Treehouse Adventures

This was on clearance in Sainsburys and although I hadn't intended to buy this set it seemed too good a deal to pass buy.

I'm not sure if it's just because I spent all day building LEGO but this one seemed a little more taxing than the others I built earlier.

No stickers and 2 child minifigures in this one. The tree itself if you build to the main build instructions (it's a 3 in 1 set) is quite clever in that the walkway folds itself up and down as you open the hinged sections up. There's a nice hidden storage area for tools but otherwise no remarkable features.

40173 Picture Frame

On a roll today which is probably a good thing as I have a shelf full of unopened LEGO boxes and a whole heap of new ones coming soon.
Another simple build but quite enjoyable. Didn't take very long to put this together. I intend to get a nice photo of my Dad and I in the Leicester Square store printed off to go inside it.
It would be nice if they gave you a piece of glass/Perspex to protect the photo in the frame. As it stands I can imagine needing to replace the picture eventually as it's open to the air.
I like the mini Lego brick storage pots on the side but they are too small to serve any real purpose. Paper clips perhaps if you are so inclined.
Instructions for building landscape or portrait are included which is handy if you need to change the orientation.

40172 Brick Calendar

My lazy day continues with 40172. I've had my eye on this since I saw it showing my birthday in Leicester Square LEGO store. I needed to spend some money this week to get the cavemen minifigure set so picked this and the photo frame up.
It's not complicated but for some reason really enjoyed building this. It comes with one minifigure who appears to be helping out add a tile to the set.
Now I just need to remember to change the date every day!

70608 Master Falls

This was one of the sets I picked up at the Argos 3 for 2. Had a nice lazy day today so put this one together.
It's a really simple build but entertaining. 4 minifigures (the skeleton has to be my favourite) which is good for a set this size. And no stickers! Hoorah.
Definitely worth added to the collection. It's more of a display piece as it doesn't really do anything in terms of play value but that's perfect for me.

Ninjago Movie Minifigures

These are quite cute but there's 20 to collect this time rather than the usual 16. Of course I need them all 😊 but chances of finding 20 unique bags? I bought 20 from a new box at TRUS today to see what would happen. (Tesco and Argos both had no stock).

So far I have opened 14 of them and to my surprise 13 unique and one duplicate. Not bad going but I bet I won't be as lucky with the remaining 6 bags. Off to eBay perhaps!

Good luck in your hunt.

Ninjago Movie 70606 Spinjitzu Training

The new Ninjago Movie sets came out yesterday. I was lucky to remember Argos had their 3 for 2 offer still on so got the three smaller sets I wanted. This being the cheapest at £8.99 was free.
It's a nice little build with some great features and 2 minifigures. I'm hoping it might fit inside Ninjago City when it's released. I was quite surprised that the oriental tile was printed and not a sticker!
Definitely worth adding to your collection.

Toys R Us Collect and Save

A quick trip into TRU today to pick up some Ninjago Movie Minifigures. Noticed on the shelf edge an in store LEGO promotion. For each £20 or above transaction you collect a stamp. 4 stamps gets you a £20 voucher off your next LEGO purchase. I split my items into 3 transactions which they seemed happy to do and collected 3 stamps straight away. 1 to go! This seems like a good deal. Spend £80 total to get £20 back.

Ends 28th August.